Blending the virtues of traditional European artisanship with contemporary insights into the profound impact of a wine glass’s shape on the tasting journey, Ravenscroft Crystal embodies a seamless union of heritage and innovation. The diverse range of Ravenscroft glassware designs, nearly 30 in total, is a testament to the company’s profound admiration for exceptional wines. Each unique style, borne out of millennia of glassmaking refinement, is meticulously hand-blown. The overarching objective is singular: to elevate the bouquet and taste of the specific wine or spirit for which each glass is masterfully crafted.

Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter

Ravenscroft sommelier decanters are produced from ancient mineral deposits free of impurities. Using such pure raw materials eliminates the need to add lead content in order to produce brilliant crystal. This is particularly important following the recent discovery that long-term storage in leaded decanters can result in lead leaching into the contents.

Waldorf Water Carafe

ravenscroft waldorf water carafe
Ravenscroft Waldorf Water Carafe

Crafted from pristine mineral deposits devoid of impurities, Ravenscroft Sommelier Decanters stand out for their purity. The use of such untainted raw materials obviates the necessity to introduce lead for achieving crystal clarity. This becomes especially crucial given the recent revelation that extended storage in leaded decanters may lead to the leaching of lead into the contents.