Month: February 2024

What is a Wine Decanter?

Decanters help to enhance your wine’s flavors and aromas. With these handy tools, you can turn even the most tannic and tightly wound wines into beautiful expressions of themselves.

Wine Decanters as Wedding Gifts: Choose the Right One

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding gift for a special wine lover, then why not give a decanter? These wonderful additions to a home wine collection make the perfect gifts for newlyweds.

Aerator vs Decanter: What’s the Difference?

Aerators and decanters are useful tools that help make your wine taste even better than when you opened it. Both are great things to have, but what are their differences and when do you use them?

Decanting Champagne Like a Sommelier

Decanting Champagne can start some heated conversations between wine lovers. However, just like other wines, it really just depends on the wine. If you have a bottle of champagne that has intense bubbles and tight aromas, you may want to try decanting it. 

How Long to Decant Wine For Optimal Flavor

No matter if you’re an expert or beginner, there are several reasons to decant your wine. Next to wine glasses, a corkscrew, and of course, a good bottle of wine, decanters are one of the most important accessories for appreciating wine. 

Overdecanting Wine? What Happens to Wine When You Leave it Out For Too Long. 

You can decant your wine for too long, but don’t worry. You can often still enjoy it or turn it into something special.

Double Decanting: When is it a Good Idea?

Double decanting is a fantastic way to make your boldest reds come alive while preserving their presentation in their original bottles. 

Decanter Cleaning: The Ultimate Handbook

No matter if you’re an expert sommelier or a first time wine drinker, keeping your decanter clean is key. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect cleaning method for your decanter.

Avoiding Common Wine Decanting Mistakes

When you’re ready to decant that perfect bottle of wine, watch out for these common decanting mistakes. 

How to Handle a Broken Wine Cork

If the wine you’re decanting has a broken cork, don’t panic. Understand why this is and follow the steps below to save your wine.

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