Decanters can be a mystery to new drinkers. However, they are easy to use, versatile, and fun to use. At any wine party or even at home, decanting wine can be an experience not to be missed. 

Decanters come in many sizes and price points, from elegant, clear crystal bowls to small glass cylinders made for decanting on the go. You can find any style too, from quirky designs to sleek and practical decanters made for serious wine drinkers. 

Best Decanters for a Wedding Gift

Below are a few top decanters for various budgets and preferences. Each one decants and removes sediment, but some have extra bells and whistles that make them unique and extra special as wedding gifts. 

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Best on a Budget

Not all decanters come with a high price tag. Some decanters are both affordable and made with high-quality materials that will last a lifetime.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter ($46 – $70)

The Le Chateau decanter is a finely crafted and impressive decanter that will not break the bank. Its design incorporates a wide base and an asymmetrical spout that’s easy to pour and encourages the maximum amount of aeration. 

This beautiful decanter perfectly aerates a typical 750-ml bottle of wine. It works with anything from aged library wines to young and hyper tannic wines that need several hours to open up. 

Crafted from 100% lead-free crystal, this decanter measures 8.5-inches wide at the base. Its tapered neck makes it easy to use and pour, making it the perfect decanter for anyone who’s never used one before. 

For the Wine Lovers

Some decanters are crafted with wine experts in mind. These decanters are made from state-of-the-art glassware to decant your wine with expert precision.

Rabbit Pura Decanting System ($70 – $75)

The Rabbit Pura decanter is perfect for the newlyweds who really love their wine. Its advanced aerating system and sleek modern design will be the perfect addition to an advanced wine collection. 

It fits a standard, 750-milliliter bottle, inside its wide base. It has a stainless steel stopper and mesh strainer that easily captures sediment, making it the perfect match for anyone who decants special library wines. 

What makes this decanter even better is its price point. At under $100, Rabbits Pura Decanting System is hard to refuse, especially if you want something that does the job well without breaking the bank. 

Most beautiful Design

Decanters can be like pieces of art. These beautiful designs not only do their job of aerating and removing sediment, they also look incredibly beautiful.

Ichendorf Milano Decanter ($110)

The Alchemy Decanter is as unique and beautiful as it is functional. With its subtle colored glass around its neck, it’s one of the few excellent decanters with a bit of color. 

Beyond its captivating two-toned appearance, this decanter does great aerating wine. It holds a standard 750-milliliter bottle of wine with plenty of surface area for maximum air exposure. 

Other than its looks, the Alchemy Decanter has superb functionality. It’s made by the world-famous glassware experts at Ichendorf Milano, a European company that specializes in the finest glassware.

Another value of this decanter is its durability. It checks all the boxes for form, function, and strength, making it a top choice for wedding gifts. 

Most Elegant

Some decanters raise the bar even higher. These special decanters are durable, effective, and stunningly beautiful. They are made from the highest quality materials and designed by the world’s best glassmakers.

Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter ($280)

If you want to buy something extra special as a wedding gift for wine lovers, this special decanter is it. With its wide base and simple yet elegant design, Riedel’s Ultra Wine Decanter is like a work of art. 

It was crafted from Riedel’s special lightweight crystal, with a generous 43-ounce capacity that gives you plenty of room for maximum aeration. Its perfectly shaped lip and neck makes pouring super easy. 

This decanter is the epitome of elegance but may not be as durable as other decanters made with thicker glass. 

Best for Tight Spaces

Not all decanters have to take up a lot of space. Some come in compact designs that are convenient and easy to store.

Riedel Wine Decanter ($55)

Let’s face it. Some of us live in cities and city apartments, homes, and condos aren’t the most spacious. If you’re looking for the perfect decanter that won’t take up much space, consider the Riedel Wine Decanter. 

This wonderful decanter works well with the boldest wines or even light champagnes and whites. Its sturdy glass also makes it durable, which for newlyweds on the move, is a big deal. 

One of its best features is its lip, which facilitates easy pouring. And, with its affordable price, it won’t break the bank. 

What is a Decanter?

Decanters are glass, or crystal bowls that have a wide base and a narrow top. This makes it easy to pour from them into your wine glass. 

Decanters serve dual purposes. First, it helps you separate sediment from aged wine, and it allows young and tannic wines to interact with the air, enhancing their flavors and aromas. 

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With older red wines and vintage ports, sediment accumulates over time as pigments and tannins in the wine bind and settle at the bottle’s bottom. Agitating this sediment can end in cloudiness and a bitter, gritty taste in the wine. Decanting makes removing these not-so-delicious particles easy.  

Young and tannic red wines benefit from exposure to air. Decanting facilitates this process, known as aeration, allowing the wine’s flavors, gasses, and tannins to expand and soften within the decanter. This brief aeration lets your wine breathe and unfold, which makes it softer and more delicious. 

By giving a decanter, you’re letting that special someone enjoy the best out of their wine. You’re also giving them a tool to expand their appreciation and knowledge of wine. Read our comprehensive guide if you want to learn how to decant your wine.

How to Choose the Perfect Decanter

Decanters come in many sizes and price ranges. Often, the best decanters for a wedding gift are the most durable and practical. 

However, if the newlyweds love quirky designs or elegant looking glassware, you’ll find plenty of decanters on the market for them as well. 


Each decanter has its own form and function that makes it appealing. When you’re looking at decanters to buy for a wedding gift, make sure that the decanter is both beautiful and functional. 

The primary purpose of a decanter is to aerate wine and separate sediment, especially in older red wines. For these purposes, choose a decanter with a wide, shallow bowl to maximize surface area exposure. Also, make sure the neck is narrow for easy pouring. 

Best Materials

The best decanters are made from glass or transparent crystal so you can see your wine clearly. While crystal decanters often come at a higher price point, they are equally effective as glass alternatives.

Avoid decanters made from alternative materials such as metal or plastic. They’ll introduce unwanted flavors to the wine which will ruin the wine. Glass and clear crystal are the best choices for maintaining the purity of the wine’s aromas and taste.


Decanters span a wide range of prices, catering to everyone’s budget. While some options may carry a hefty price tag, there are still plenty of affordable choices out there. Even the least expensive decanters do their job and look amazing. 

You can find many decanters priced under $40 that decant perfectly and are durable. However, investing more money often translates to better craftsmanship, sleeker aesthetics, and additional features like enhanced aeration and sediment removal tools like removable filters or aerators. 


If you’re buying a decanter as a wedding gift, make sure it’s the right size for the newlyweds. Most decanters are made for a standard wine bottle. 

However, if your newlywed friends and family love hosting big parties, especially wine parties, then consider a magnum sized decanter. These large decanters are made for magnum-sized bottles of wine that hold 1.5 liters. 

Why Decanters are the Perfect Wedding Gifts

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Decanters are beautiful decorations and wonderful tools for improving anyone’s wine drinking experience. They help turn the tightest and most temperamental wines into the best expressions of themselves. 

They also make perfect wedding gifts for anyone into wine or just starting out. So, no matter if you’re looking for the most stunning crystal piece or a practical and durable decanter that will get the job done in a busy household, we guarantee a decanter will make an incredible gift.