A Summary About Cleaning Beads for Your Decanter.

  • Decanters need to be cleaned after every use.
  • However, decanters can be hard to clean because of their hard-to-reach surfaces. 
  • Thankfully, many companies make decanter cleaning beads. 
  • Decanter cleaning beads are easy to use, effective, and long-lasting. 
  • If you don’t have cleaning beads, there are other alternatives. 
  • However, the alternatives take longer and are less effective than specially made cleaning beads.
  • The alternatives can also be more expensive in the long-run.

By using decanter cleaning beads, you can keep your decanter clean after every use. Read on below to learn more about cleaning beads, how to use them, and other alternatives.

A Deep Dive into Decanter Cleaning Beads

Having a decanter on hand can make your wine drinking experience infinitely better. After doing its job, there’s no better way to show your love to your decanter than cleaning it after every use. 

However, decanters can sometimes be difficult to clean properly. With their delicate glass or crystal shapes and hard to reach surfaces, you can forget about dishwashers or scrubbing with a sponge. 

metal cleaning beads

That’s where cleaning beads come in. Decanter cleaning beads are small stainless steel beads that effortlessly scrub the inside of a decanter. 

They are easy to use and easy to take care of. On top of being highly effective, they can last a long time. 

Many sommeliers and wine experts love using cleaning beads because they can save money on soaps, cleaning tablets, or other expensive materials. Plus, cleaning beads don’t rely on chemicals, which makes them much safer than other cleaning methods for glassware. 

How Cleaning Beads Keep Your Decanter Pristine

Cleaning beads work by gently rubbing against the inside surface of your decanter. With a little bit of warm water, they will take out stains, sediment particles, and any dirt that may be inside your decanter’s glass or crystal surface. 

Although they’re made from stainless steel, they won’t cause any scrapes or damage because of their smooth texture and light weight. If you swirl them gently, they will always be harmless to your decanter’s surface. 

 wine in a decanter with an isolated white background

They will also be able to reach even the most awkwardly shaped surfaces. No matter how strange your decanter is shaped, cleaning beads will clean it perfectly. 

If you have an old stain on the inside of your decanter, cleaning beads will easily pick it up. By creating gentle friction on the surface of your decanter, any stain will quickly rub off and dissolve in the hot water. 

Although this simple method will work on the toughest stains, it’s best to clean your decanter after every use. This prevents any buildup of dirt or residue on the inside of your decanter and makes it easier to clean before you use it again. 

How to use Your Decanter Cleaning Beads

Cleaning beads are very simple to use. All you need are the beads and about a cup of hot water. You don’t need other materials or soaps. 

Simply add the cleaning beads into your decanter. Add the hot water and gently swirl around. Move the beads around each surface, including the decanter’s neck and hard to reach areas. 

Keep repeating until the beads have scrubbed every part of your decanter’s bowl and neck. You can repeat the process to get an even deeper clean. 

metal balls organized on a tray

After about five minutes, pour the water out into a strainer. Set your decanter out to air dry on a glassware rack or clean surface. 

After you’re done, just wash your beads in hot water and leave them out to air dry. After they dry, you can store them away in a clean and dry place until you need to use them again. 

For extra cleaning, some people choose to add vinegar or special cleaning tablets to the hot water and cleaning beads. This extra cleaning power is useful in cases when you’ve left your dirty decanter out for too long or worse, someone added another liquid other than water or wine. 

Other Ways to Clean Your Decanter

Cleaning beads are by far the most useful, easy, and effective method for cleaning your decanter. They are affordable, reusable, and safe. Plus, they will last a long time and save you money in the end. 

cleaning products and a lemon

Although cleaning beads are the best for your decanter, there are other methods as well. Below are some other ideas for cleaning your decanter in case you don’t have cleaning beads in your wine drinking toolkit. 

Cleaning Tablets

For stubborn stains, adding a cleaning tablet may help. Just fill your decanter with warm water and a cleaning tablet and wait a few minutes until the stain is gone. 

These tablets are safe to use and usually leave no residue. Just make sure to rinse your decanter well after using. 

Vinegar and Water 

This method is easy and can clean your decanter well. First, rinse your decanter with warm water, followed by a soak in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Next, use a soft cloth to gently scrub your decanter. Finally, add a solution of white vinegar and warm water and finish by rinsing your decanter with clean water until there’s no vinegar smell left. 

Baking Soda

For a natural and safe alternative to cleaning beads, consider using baking soda. Simply fill your decanter with warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir until it dissolves and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Although this method takes a lot longer, it can be effective. Just rinse your decanter with cold water once you’re finished. 

Cleaning Brushes and Water

There are tons of specialized cleaning brushes that are made for cleaning your decanter. Look for angled handles with soft bristles to reach deep into the interior of your decanter. 

Cleaning brushes may not be useful if your decanter has a unique shape. Aeration tubes or spiral designs make brushes obsolete. 

Crushed Ice and Salt

This easy method uses ice and salt to clean thicker and sturdier decanters. To do this, add crushed ice and a teaspoon of salt into your decanter. 

Then, gently shake your decanter so the salty mixture touches every surface. Then, pour out the mixture and rinse with clean water. 

What to Avoid When Using Your Decanter Cleaning Beads

Because you don’t want to leave behind any harmful or foul-tasting residues, make sure to avoid chemical-laden products. These products can ruin your wine-drinking experience.

Sommeliers and wine experts will avoid using chemical cleaners because of their potential to leave residues that affect the aroma and taste of your wine.

Another thing to avoid are dishwashers. While dishwashers are convenient for cleaning dishes and some glassware, they’re not great for delicate decanters. 

Cleaning beads will not leave any residues. They are also much easier and more effective, safe, and efficient than dishwashers. 

Why Cleaning Beads are the Best

What’s not to love about easy cleaning and long-lasting products? Decanter cleaning beads won’t break the bank and, as long as you take care of them, they will last a lifetime. 

classic decanter with red wine wooden background

With their effective cleaning power, you’ll be able to remove any stain. Even if someone poured Irish Cream or orange juice into your decanter, you’ll be able to remove any residue. 

It’s important to keep your decanter clean after every use. This way, your decanter will last as long as any glassware in your collection and work perfectly after every use.