A Brief Summary on Unique Decanter Designs

  • Decanters come in all sizes and shapes.
  • Most decanters have a simple wide bowl and narrow neck.
  • However, some can be shaped like animals, objects, or pieces of art.
  • Others can resemble spaceships. 
  • Like other pieces of glassware, decanters can be unique and expressive.
  • Some are literal works of art that liven a wine collection. 

Decanters don’t have to be simple and practical. They can be some of the most unique and luxurious pieces of glassware on the market. 

Even though these decanters are more than the average wine drinker would need, they’re still amazing examples of artistic craftsmanship. Below are a few of the most unique decanter designs and what makes them so special. 

The Most Unique Decanter Designs on the Market

Elegance, design, materials, and creative expression meet in creating the following decanters. These works of art below are some of the most unique and artistic decanters you can find. Read on to learn about what makes them so special. 

Elegance Accent Decanter by Waterford ($370)

waterford crystal elegance

Since 1783, the Irish crystal makers at Waterford have been stunning the world with their superb craftsmanship. Waterford Crystal is synonymous with luxury and quality and the company’s Elegance Accent Decanter fits that reputation. 

This extraordinary decanter features superb aeration space and a unique curvature which looks like an artistic centerpiece. It’s made from some of the finest crystal made in Europe and is both durable and easy to use. 

Its elongated base holds a standard bottle of wine and gives it ample room to breathe. The decanter’s beautiful neck and thin rim is easy to pour from, making this decanter perfect for special occasions or everyday use. 

Riedel Mamba Decanter ($750)

riedel mamba

Few decanters on the market can look so beautiful and decant wine like Riedel’s Mamba Decanter. This beautiful decanter was crafted to look like the black mamba, one of the world’s fastest and deadliest snakes. 

The design features a snake-like coiled neck and spacious bowl. It will perfectly decant your wine while looking elegant. On top of decanting a standard bottle of wine, it will make the perfect centerpiece in an adventurous wine set. 

The Mamba Decanter is made from high-quality Riedel crystal. It’s both durable and beautiful, with sleek curves that resemble a sculpture of a serpent. 

Art Series Deluxe Wine Tower Decanting Set by Wine Enthusiast ($129)

wine enthusiast wine tower

Few decanters can match the party trick potential of Wine Enthusiast’s Deluxe Wine Tower Decanting Set. This beautiful decanter will make your wine-tasting setup look like a science lab. 

With its beautiful acacia wood base, metal tower, and elegant glass decanter, it looks like a sculpture while holding your wine. Plus, its high-quality aerator and funnel will perfectly aerate any bottle of wine. 

The decanter is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that’s both lightweight and durable. It’s one of several artistic decanters in Wine Enthusiast’s popular Art Series. 

Riedel Boa Decanter ($750)

riedel boa

To honor 2013 being the year of the snake, Reiedel introduced its now classic Boa Decanter. This stylish, functional, and durable centerpiece decanter works perfectly to decant a standard bottle of wine. 

Its curved shape gives your wine a double decant by encouraging airflow during the pour. It stands around 35 cm or 13.75 inches tall. 

Like all of Riedel’s special decanters, the Boa Decanter is made from high-quality Riedel crystal glass. If you’re a wine collector or want something special as a wine-related centerpiece, this incredible work of art would be perfect. 

Octopus Decanter V2 by Ignite Glass ($1500)

octopus decanter

If you want an art piece that also decants, then this beautiful nautical decanter by Ignite Glass is worth checking out. Ignite Glass makes a wide range of unique pieces of glassware that are not only functional but beautiful. 

This octopus shaped decanter is made from borosilicate glass. It takes Ignite Glass two to three weeks to hand craft this expertly designed piece of art. 

As beautiful as it is, the Octopus Decanter works perfectly to decant and aerate a standard bottle of wine. However, with its price and special hand-crafted design, it may be better to save this decanter for special occasions.

Wine Savant’s Wine Tower Decanting & Aerator Set ($99.95)

wine savant tower

Wine Savant is known for making unique decanters. You’ll find quirky designs such as globe-shaped whiskey decanters, machine gun decanters, and other designs that would make amazing decanters for parties. 

The company’s more serious Wine Tower Decanting & Aerator Set is one of its most popular. This towering decanter funnels your wine through two separate aerators and one high-quality decanter at the tower’s base. 

You’ll love its ease of use and its ability to liven up any wine tasting. It’s like an affordable and functional art-piece that can be used for special events or everyday use. 

Decanter N. 3 by Ichendorf ($100 to $220)

ichendorf decanter

Ichendorf has been making prized glassware since the early 20th century in the tiny community of Quadrath-Ichendorf, Germany. Since 1990, the company has been based in Milan, Italy and continues to produce some of the finest decanters in the world. 

One of the finest examples of its world-famous craftsmanship is the Decanter N.3. This hand blown and elegant decanter is like a work of art, with its sleek design, flawless structure, and wide bowl. 

This wonderful decanter is made from high-quality crystal. Whether you’re decanting for a special event or you want a functional centerpiece, this beautiful decanter will impress. 

Josephinenhütte Brilliant Decanter ($190)

josephinen decanter

In 1842, the influential Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch created Josephinenhütte, naming it in honor of his wife Josephine. The company thrived under the leadership of glassmaker Franz Pohl and became synonymous around the world for its high-quality glass. 

Despite its success, the company was run to ground through world wars and economic disasters. However, in 2019, glassmaker Josef Zalto breathed new life into the company and reintroduced its decanters to the global wine market.

Josephinenhütte’s legacy lives on with the Josephine Decanter. It’s crafted from durable and high-quality glass and features a sleek, futuristic design. It beautifully aerates a standard bottle of wine and is made to astonish any fan of high-quality glassware. 

A Brief History of Wine Decanters

Decanters have been around since ancient times. However, their designs have evolved to become works of art. 

Wine was first stored in large clay vessels called amphorae, by civilizations like the Romans and Greeks. As glassblowing technology evolved, the elite began pouring their wine into smaller containers, which became the first glass decanters. 

 wine decanters and glasses top view

The 17th and 18th centuries saw elegant decanters reach the mainstream. Innovations like Sir Kenelm Digby’s glass bottle made decanters a must-have household item for serious wine collectors. 

Modern decanters evolved to include a wide base design which greatly improves wine quality by encouraging aeration. Today, you can find decanters that are not only functional but made to be pieces of art. 

What Makes Decanters so Special

Decanters serve two main purposes: removing sediment in old wines and aerating wines. They elevate wine drinking to new heights. 

Still, many glassmakers go beyond form and function by crafting beautiful pieces that could be centerpieces for an elegant dining room. They could also decorate an art space or office. 

No matter if you have an artistic design from one of the best glassmakers on the planet or an everyday decanter, each decanter is special. If you love wine, don’t be afraid to add any decanter to your collection.