For a wine lovers’ birthday, nothing says “special” like a brand new decanter. Adding it to their collection will bring their journey of wine appreciation to new heights. 

A wine decanter is a thoughtful birthday gift for anyone who loves wine. Whether they love aged red wines or young wines bursting with tannin, a decanter is a functional tool that will improve your special someone’s wine-drinking experience. 

By softening tannins and removing sediment, decanters are one of the most useful tools to add to a wine collection. With their blend of style and functionality, they also make the best decorations. 

With so many designs to choose from, we’ve made a handy guide below so you can choose the best decanter for a birthday gift. From everyday designs to artistic masterpieces, you can find an enormous range of excellent options that will make someone’s day extra special. 

Two swan-shaped decanters

Best Decanters for a Birthday Gift

Birthday gifts should be fun and useful and decanters are no exception. They are not only beautiful but also serve multiple uses for improving wine. 

Below are some of the best decanters on the market that make the ultimate birthday gift. 

Best All-around 

Decanter by Made In ($99)

If you want a decanter, that’s practical, affordable, and gets the job done right, check out Made In’s popular decanter. It’s made to hold 1500 ml, which gives plenty of room to decant a standard bottle of wine. 

The decanter is crafted from crystal with a special anti-abrasion treatment, which makes it extra durable. Its tapered neck makes it easy to pour from, which reduces spills and unnecessary messes. 

Best on a Budget

Wine Decanter by Le Chateau ($50 to $70)

Not all decanters are meant to be expensive and this beautiful and affordable decanter by Le Chateau is one of the best. With its tapered rim for easy pouring and excellent decanting abilities, it gets the job done perfectly. 

Le Chateau’s wine decanter is made from lead-free crystal, which gives it a striking look and lightweight feel. When you fill it with a standard wine bottle, the wine covers the decanter’s base at its widest point, giving it the ultimate surface area for decanting. 

Best High-end

Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter ($280)

For a birthday gift that’s extra special, consider purchasing a Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter. This special design features incredible aeration and lightweight design. 

This handmade piece of art is made from crystal, giving it a sleek appearance and lightweight structure. Any experienced wine drinker will immediately love the Riedel’s wide base, which perfectly decants even the most tannic wines. 

Best with Extras 

Rabbit Wine Decanter with Wooden Coaster ($90-$110)

This sleek and elegant decanter makes for the ultimate birthday gift for a wine lover. With its beautiful wooden coaster, expertly crafted design, and additional aerator, it’s hard to find a better decanter on the market. 

This glass decanter comes with a removable aerator that gets the aeration process started right as you start pouring. It’s easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting, making it the perfect gift that could last a lifetime. 

Best for Unique Design

Art Series Deluxe Wine Tower Decanting Set by Wine Enthusiast ($129)

If you want to give a present that’s a show-stopper, then this unique decanter is it. With its spiral aerator, perfectly designed decanter, and wooden stand, this decanter set will liven up any wine party. 

If you’re looking for a flashy yet practical decanter for a birthday gift that won’t break the bank, Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Tower is unlike anything else on the market. It comes with a hand-blown and durable decanter, advanced aerator, and a glass funnel system that perfectly aerates wine and is also easy to clean. 

What Decanters do

Decanters have several purposes that help improve the wine drinking experience. From helping wine taste better to removing unwanted particles, they are an important tool in the wine-drinker’s tool belt. 

Wine pouring into a decanter with a pink bottle of wine behind it

Keep reading to learn about the ways decanters will enhance the birthday person’s wine drinking experience. 

Sediment Removal

Decanters allow you to remove sediment from aged red wine. When you pour wine into a decanter, you can trap the sediment in old red wines in the bottle, making it easier to remove. 

In some decanters, there’s already a mesh filter add-on. These extras make removing sediment easy and stress free.

Easy Aeration

Pouring your wine into a decanter gives your wine extra surface area so it can mingle with the air. This process is called aeration and lets the more unpleasant aromas in some wine burn off before it enters your glass.

Great Decorations

If a special wine drinker in your life is having a birthday, few gifts can top a decanter. Their aesthetic appeal and stylish designs make them perfect decorations, especially as the glassware centerpiece for a wine set. 

How to Choose the Right Decanter as a Birthday Gift

Decanters vary in design and prices, so look for a mixture of durability and aesthetics. To select the perfect decanter as a birthday gift, look for something that will last a long time, decant wine perfectly, and look beautiful next to a bottle of wine and a pair of glasses. 

Wine pouring into a wine glass with a decanter behind it

To help you choose the perfect decanter for your loved one, we’ve included several things to look out for and a few tips on how to buy the perfect one. 

Select the Best Materials 

Picking a decanter that’s made of excellent materials is important. You want to avoid materials such as metal or plastic, because they will leave unwanted flavors in wine which will ruin the tasting experience. 

Look for materials like glass or transparent crystal. This way, you’ll be able to see the wine, its color, and spot any sediment or particles that may have slipped through the decanting process. 

While crystal decanters may be pricier, they make stunning birthday presents. For someone new to wine or someone who wants a decanter that’s ultra durable, get a decanter made from high-quality glass. 

Pick the Best Shape 

Picking the right decanter shape that fits the birthday person and their favorite wine is essential. This is because each decanter has a unique blend of form and function. 

Take your time to explore various styles, from coiled designs to elegant shapes, to find the perfect fit. On top of that, choose decanters with shallow bowls that maximize aeration and narrow necks for easy pouring.

Keep the Price in Mind

No matter how much you can spend on a decanter, make sure its price tag matches its form, function, and design.  Fortunately, there’s something in mind for everyone’s price point and if you shop around, you’ll find something amazing. 

While you can find cheap decanters that do their job well, you’ll get superior craftsmanship, better aesthetics, and additional features by dropping a little more money. With extras like removable filters or aerators, a little extra spent could go a long way. 

What Size do they Need? 

Size matters, especially if you’re giving a birthday gift to someone who loves magnum bottles. Make sure the decanter you’re gifting aligns with your loved one’s needs. 

Most decanters are designed for standard wine bottles, but if they enjoy hosting gatherings or large dinner parties, you may need something bigger. Here, consider a magnum-sized decanter. These can hold 1.5 liters and come in the same beautiful and functional designs as their smaller counterparts. 

The Magic of Decanters

If your special birthday person loves wine, then giving them a decanter is a great choice. These wine-drinking tools allow people to aerate their wine and remove sediment, which helps wine taste and smell as good as it can get. 

Decanter with an empty bottle of wine behind it

Whether your loved one enjoys aged reds, young tannic wines, or complex fortified wines, a decanter will be the ultimate addition to their collection. 

Decanters are also beautiful decorations in the home. Whether you use them for wine tastings or just centerpieces, they truly are the ultimate birthday gift for any wine-lover.