Out of all the wine-drinking tools on the market, a wine aerator is one of the most useful. No matter what style of wine you’re drinking, an aerator can help its expressive aromas open up in very little time. 

Continue reading below to learn more about aerators, what they’re used for, and why they should be included in your wine-tasting tool belt. 

What Makes Wine Aerators so Effective

Drinking the finest expression of your wine is something any wine drinker should strive for. Whether it’s serving your wine at the right temperature or using the correct glass, there are plenty of things you can do to help boost your wine’s appeal.

Like wine glasses or decanters, wine aerators are another handy tool that helps your wine taste better. They are small devices, usually only a few inches in length, that can fit on your bottle or decanter. 

Aerators work by circulating air in your wine, either when you pour it from the bottle or into a decanter. When air moves through your wine, it allows your wine’s aromas to open up and for its less desirable aromas to evaporate. Afterwards, your wine will taste smoother and more expressive. 

Aerators come in many shapes and prices. There are plenty of amazing aerators on the market to choose from, so you can find a design that looks and works the best for you and your wine. 

Top 5 Aerators on the Market

To help you choose the right aerator, we’ve included the best aerators on the market in 2024. From classic designs to new high-end products, there’s something for every preference and budget. 

Original Wine Aerator by Aervana ($100)

aervana aerator pouring red wine

If you want a more technical and precise aerator, then this electric aerator from Aervana is hard to beat. This handy device fits right on your wine bottle. With a simple push of a button, you’ll have perfectly aerated wine on tap. 

This beautiful aerator comes with a tube that fits deep inside your wine bottle. As it aerates, it separates any sediment on the bottom of your bottle from your wine. 

The battery powered aerator uses six AAA batteries to power the aerator. It’s a little difficult to clean but works magically on many styles of wine, especially young and tannic red wines. 

Wine Aerator Pourer by Vintorio ($20 to $35)

vintorio aerator pourer pouring red wine

If you’re looking for an aerator that’s easy to use, affordable, and easy to clean, the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is the way to go. 

This small, six-inch device fits snuggly on the neck of a wine bottle. When you pour your wine, it circulates air through it as you pour, which lets your wine breathe and release any unwanted aromas. 

No matter if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and easy to clean option or a party favorite, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this aerator. Plus, at just under $35, it’s one of the most affordable options out there. 

Sommelier All-in-One Wine Aerator by Zwilling ($37.99)

zwilling sommelier aerater

For people who want to save their wine for another day, this handy multi-purpose aerator does the trick. It comes with a built-in stopper, which creates a tight seal on your bottle. This feature lets you preserve your bottle for several days after opening it. 

The aerator perfectly circulates air through your wine as you pour. Its small design is perfect for any home wine collection or event. 

Wine Decanter and Aerator by Rabbit ($100)

rabbit aerator decanter

This beautiful two in one aerator and decanter works incredibly well to aerate and decant your wine. Its stylish and practical design allows maximum aeration as you pour your wine into the decanter. 

The aerator features a micro-perforated filter to remove sediment from older red wines. As the wine moves through the strainer and aerator, it fills the decanter in a beautiful waterfall-like cascade. 

Rabbit’s Decanter and Aerator makes the perfect addition to any serious home wine collection. If you collect library reds or enjoy young and powerful reds like cabernet sauvignon, this trusty tool is for you.  

Timeless Aerator by Coravin ($29.95)

coravin aerator

As far as wine preservation systems and aerators go, few devices on the market can beat a Coravin. With its seamless design, maximum aeration potential and bottle-preserving technology. 

This aerator fits directly onto your Coravin, allowing you to rapidly aerate your wine during every pour. The Coravin system is designed to speed up aeration times by over a half an hour. 

Coravin’s Timeless Aerator works beautifully for tannic red wines and full-bodied whites. It’s the perfect tool for any wine drinker who wants to enjoy a glass at home and get the perfect amount of aeration in every pour. 

How Aerators Work

Aerators are one of the most handy devices any wine drinker can have. They are easy to use and work wonderfully for many wines. 

Aerators work by moving air through your wine, a process called aeration. When your wine interacts with the air, it allows its tightly wound aromas to open up and its less desirable aromas to evaporate. 

This process takes the edge off some wines and lets the more delicate aromas show themselves. This is the same process as swirling your wine. 

Red wine being poured through an aerator

Decanters aerate your wine as well. However, this process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Having an aerator on hand speeds up the aeration process. 

Decanters work better for old and delicate red wines that need to have their sediment removed and less aeration. Aerators are great for young and tannic wines that need as much exposure to air as possible to express themselves clearer. 

For maximum aeration, using both an aerator and a decanter yields beautiful results. This works especially well for young and highly tannic full-bodied reds such as barolo and cabernet sauvignon. 

Why Having an Aerator Helps Some Wine

Having an aerator can make some wines taste amazing. They are small, compact, and highly useful in any home wine collection. 

Along with your decanter, having an aerator on hand will soften tannic full-bodied wines. Their subtle aromas will come to the forefront, making them taste and smell more complex than before. 

There are several wonderful aerators on the market that fit any budget. From high-tech electronic devices to tried and tested classic designs, you’ll find something that works wonderfully for you and your wine.